How Much Does It Cost? How Old Do I have to Be? Do I Need a Special Licence to Drive an RV in Canada?

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Canada RV, Motorhome and Campervan Hire FAQs

Driving an RV, Motorhome or Campervan in Canada.

No, you don't need a special driving licence to drive a rented RV in Canada.

You do need to hold a car driving licence.

You do need the licence to be written in English. If not, you will need to take an international driving licence with an English translation.

Drivers from France. Your French driving licence written in French is also acceptable.

You have to be 21 years old or older and hold your own driving licence from your country of residence. There is no upper age limit in Canada.

Additional drivers must be at least 21 years old. The licence must be in English. All drivers must be present when collecting the vehicle.

See below regarding driving an RV into the US.

Yes, all RV's in Canada are have automatic transmission.

Yes, you can take your rented RV, campervan or motorhome into the USA but it must be returned to a depot in Canada.

There are sometimes extra charges made to go in and out of the USA

Also be aware of importing foodstuffs into the USA at the border crossings.

Young drivers need to be aware that there are some US States that don't permit RV's to be driven by drivers under 25 years old. Check with us before you book.

All charges are listed here including credit card charges.

There are no hidden charges.

No, if you have arrived on a trans-Atlantic flight. See our note on free transfers from hotels and airports.

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What are the General Terms and Conditions for Renting an RV in Canada?

Cancellation policy Cruise Canada - other suppliers are similar.

If you cancel your booking the initial deposit is not refundable. In addition to this, the following fees may apply.

If you cancel between 48 and 19 days before pick up you will be charged $400 of the cost of rental.

If you cancel between 18 and 11 days before pick up you will be charged $650 of the cost of rental.

If you cancel between 10 and 4 days before pick up you will be charged $850 of the cost of rental.

If you cancel less than 3 days before pick up or are a no show, you will be charged 100% of the cost of rental.

If you cancel more than 49 days before pick up, there are no further costs.

The All-Inclusive option can include additional insurance cover to reduce the liability from CA$7500.00 to nil (varies between companies.) The bond will remain at CA$750.00.

The Full-inclusive option includes full cover insurance with nil excess, unlimited mileage and convenience kits. (inclusions can vary between companies)

The Security Bond is left with the Rental Supplier when you collect your rented RV or Motorhome. This is to ensure that:

You return the campervan, motorhome or RV that you have hired to the correct location at the right time in a good and clean condition. Some suppliers require that the toilet cassette has been emptied.

If you don't comply with these terms you are at risk of loosing your security bond.

The Protection Plus Refund is an independent insurance option that reimburses you in the event of damage to the vehicle meaning that you loose the bond/insurance excess amount when you rent an RV in Canada.

So, in the event that you have an accident (or your vehicle otherwise suffers any other loss or damage which is covered by this policy), an excess cover package will reimburse you for the lesser of the actual amount of any costs you incur in relation to damage caused to your vehicle or the specified amount of excess on that vehicle.

So if the excess on your rental vehicle is $2,500 and you have an accident where the damage exceeds this value, the rental vehicle company will make you pay $2,500 when you return the vehicle.

Subject to the terms applicable to the policy you have purchased, you will then be able to claim this amount (or where the actual amount is less than $2,500, the actual amount you were required to pay to the rental company) back from us under your policy.

It includes single vehicle accidents, windscreen and tyre cover, undercarriage and overhead damage (the roof) and also damage to Third Parties.

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How Much does it Cost to Rent an RV in Canada?

All rental campervans, sleeper cars, truck campers, motorhomes and RV's are covered by the rental supplier with a level of insurance.

You will need to hold a credit card with enough credit to cover the insurance excess that you choose to take.

If you take no additional insurance options then you will need to leave a deposit to cover your level of liability. This can be quite low for older vehicles at between CA$750.00 to $1500.00.Younger drivers will have to leave the higher amount.

All insurance terms are clearly explained when you book your campervan to rent.

All RV Rental Companies have SLI. It provides excess liability coverage up to a total of $1,000,000 combined single limit of coverage per occurrence against claims made by third parties for bodily injury, death, and/or property damage caused by operation of the vehicle. EXCLUSIONS APPLY. A partial list is contained in the Rental Contract. Please check at departure.

You will need to leave a deposit of about CA$7500.00 to cover the your liability for and damage caused to the vehicle.

You can reduce the amount of liability by taking out additional insurance called CDR (Collision Damage Insurance) This will reduce the insurance excess down to about CA$750.00. There is an additional daily rate for this insurance.

Many Campervan Rental Suppliers offer an all-inclusive package that includes CDR.

In addition to CDR there is sometimes the option to reduce the insurance excess to nil by buying the CDW Insurance. This is the Collision Deductible Waiver. There is an extra charge for this and you will have to have purchased CDR to qualify.

All separate insurance options are available on our website when you go through the booking process along with the amount of liability and the option to reduce this.

Please contact us if you need this explained by talking to one of our expert reservations staff.

The rental rates are charged per day. Please note the permitted collection and return times that you will need to select on booking.

Collection and return outside of these times is sometimes available and may incur an additional cost.

Some companies include transfers to and from designated hotels or the airport at no extra cost. Others require you to make your own way to the depot or pay for a transfer.

Breakdown cover is usuall included as standard. You will be given a 24 hour phone number to call in the event of a breakdown.

Early Bird Departure Special is offered by some rental companies. This is a standard optional extra with Cruise Canada.

With pre-purchase of Early Bird Departure Special, transfers from pre-advised designated hotel areas are provided, beginning at 9:00 AM (0900 hours).

Note: You don't have to be staying at these designated hotels, just be there when you have been assigned a collection time.

You have to call the Rental Center the day before you are due to leave so that the Rental Supplier can agree a time to pick youp up and take you to the depot.

If you haven't pre-booked the EBDS then you will have to wait until the afternoon to collect your RV.

Transfers are not available from other hotels. You will have to make your own way to the depot at the pre-arranged time.

Yes, but there will be a relocation fee in most cases. These are often subject to the discretion of the depot manager especially in Canada and the USA. The costs will be itemised when you request a quote. Please contact us for your options.

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What are The Optional Extras and Should I Book Them?

If you don't pre-book mileage then you will be charged at the end of your rental for the mileage that you have travelled.

When you collect your camper the mileage will be read from the odometer and then again when you return it.

You can easily work out a rough idea of how many miles you plan to travel using google maps.

Once you have established how many miles you are going to travel purchase the lesser amount than you need and pay for the extra when you complete your rental. This is often cheaper than bulk buyng mileage as you don't get a refund for unused mileage.

Pre-purchasing unlimited mileage is only cost-effective if you are renting for a long time and wanting to travel long distances. You can calulate the difference by selecting different options on our booking engine and doing the comparison.

Yes, but there will be a relocation fee in most cases. These are often popular special offers or discounts. You will see that we apply these discounts if they are available.

Booking a one-way rental often takes longer to confirm availabilty as they are often subject to the discretion of the depot manager especially in Canada and the USA. The costs will be itemised when you request a quote.

The Personal Kits include all the bedding, towels etc. They are charged separatly for each person travelling.

Some of our customers forgo pre-booking this and buy their own from a large store and then either leave it behind or take it home.

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Section 5 Title Here

This includes all your kitchen equipment so pots, pans utensils and cutlery and crockery. Cleaning materials and other essentials for living in a campervan.

The generators are now built into the campervans themselves. If you plan on camping away from campsites and won't be doing any driving for a few days then a generator is essential.

The second set of batteries that power lighting and pumps etc re-charge as the camper is driven. So if you are parked up for a few days you may run out of power.

Cooking is by gas so as long as you have gas you will have hot water and cooking facilities.

This extra charge is added when you intend to travel to Alaska, on the Casslar Highway route 34, north of Kitwanga. It also is charged when you travel north of Peace River on route 35 and through the Northwest territories, Yukon, Nanuvet, Newfoundland, Quebec and Labrador. Also North and East Septlles.

There are no hidden costs. Once you have selected your choice of vehicle and filled in the above information boxes a list of optional extras will be given.

You can then make your choices by ticking the boxes. These are all optional. Details are explained beside each cost and highlighted by info buttons.

There are various options including bikes and bike racks, onboard wi-fi, GPS, heaters.

Taxes. There are both national taxes and local State taxes. These are listed in the summary before you enter your payment details.

If you need any assistance during this stage, please call or email us.

Winterisation takes place before the frost starts.

All water is drained from the pipes and holding tanks to prevent damage being caused by water freezing, expanding and splitting pipes.

Winterisation usually takes place from the 1st October each year and stops on or around Spring (March)

Yes.You will have to pre-book the ferry if you intend to visit Vancouver Island. Vancouver Island Ferries.

You will need to know the length, width and height of the motorhome. All details are given in the vehicle specifications.

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General Information on Renting an RV, Motorhome or Campervan in Canada.

Unlike New Zealand, the UK and Australia, the Canadians count their "days" as number of nights in the RV. Each night counts as one day.

All charges are listed here including credit card charges.

There are no refunds given if you return the campervan before the due date.

You will have to make a claim on your own insurance cover if you want to retrieve costs due to unforseen incidents.

Late returns are charged for. Amounts vary from different rental suppliers. Allow at least CA$25.00 per hour.

Most RV rental companies in Canada use "Flex" rates. This means that the earlier you book, the cheaper the rates. However, if the dates change at a later date then the new more expensive Flex rate will apply.

A change in Flex rate will also occur if the vehicle size is different, the name on the booking changes (as it is a new booking) or a change of location is requested. Flex rates are calculated on dates, location and availability of vehicles.

Yes. There is an additional cleaning charge. Not all rental supplier allow dogs but some do.

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