FAQ's about RENTing A CAMPERVAN or Motorhome IN FINLAND.

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Finland Campervan and Motorhome Rental: FAQs

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How Much is the Insurance Excess or Bond?

In Finland Touring cars require a bond of €2800.00 which is a pre-authorisation on the credit card.

McRent and Pure require an insurance excess/bond of €1200.00 which is deducted and refunded when you return your motorhome in a a good and clean condition to the correct location at the agreed time.

There are no options offered to reduce the excess. You can take out the independent insurance that will cover the bond/excess with the Protection Plus Excess Refund Insurance. This is included as an option during the booking process.

If you cancel your booking the initial deposit is not refundable. In addition to this, the following fees may apply.

If you cancel between 32 and 24 days before pick up you will be charged 25% of the cost of rental.

If you cancel between 23 and 19 days before pick up you will be charged 50% of the cost of rental.

If you cancel between 999 and 33 days before pick up you will be charged 200 EUR.

If you cancel less than 18 days before pick up or are a no show, you will be charged 100% of the cost of rental.

Yes, all companies provide breakdown cover for travel in Finland. Other European countries are included but travel is not permitted in the following countries:

  • Belarus
  • Kosovo
  • Moldova
  • Morocco
  • Russia
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine
  • Algeria
  • Tunisia

Transfers are provided by McRent or Pure from Helsinki-Vantaa airport. The transfer costs are €120.00 each way. (subject to change) or take the train to Hyvinkaan Train Station. A taxi costs about €15.00 from here to the depot.

Rovaniemi depot is a short taxi drive from the airport. Cost about €10.00 taxi fare.

Touring Cars offer a free transfer to and from Helsinki Airport area hotels, Kuopio.

Touring Cars make a charge for transfers from Helsinki city of approx €138.00 each way.

Ivalo is a drop off location only so arrangements will be made to confirm exact return location.

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How Old Do I have to be to rent a campervan or motorhome in Finland?

All drivers have to be 21 years old and have held a driving licence for one year.

No, your standard car licence is ok. Please also take your passport and credit card. An international driving licence is also accepted.

The following is included in the daily standard rental rates:

  • Insurance for the vehicle. An excess applies which will be covered by your credit card.

  • Unlimited mileage
  • Breakdown cover
  • Air conditioning in driver's cab only
  • Bike Racks for McRent's vehicles.
  • Gas for cooking and water heating.
  • WC chemicals
  • Water hose and Electric hook up.
  • Kitchen kit and cutlery
  • Awning with McRent

    • One way fees
    • Transfers unless stated.
    • Bedding/Linen
    • Camping table and chairs.li>
    • Towels
    • Child Safety Seat
    • BBQ
    • Bicycle
    • Dish Set
    • Extra insurance to cover windscreen and tyres.

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    Can I rent in the Winter in Finland?

    If you want to see the Northern Lights in Winter with the freedom of renting a campervan then you will have to do the following:

  • The Windscreen and windows must be covered by insulation when the campervan is not being driven.

  • Keep the windows and curtains closed when the campervan or motorhome is not being driven.

  • Use the engine block heater where available for an hour before starting the engine.

  • Use the heating system when connected to a mains electricity supply as the batteries may not last long enough if parked up for a a long time.

  • Make sure there is enough gas in the bottle if using gas heating.

  • The water must be kept from freezing so keep heating on at all times even if you are not staying in it especially at night.

  • If damage to the water system is due to freezing an additional charge will be made.

  • Damage can be avoided by disconnecting the water pump and draining all water from the system.

  • Grey water tanks must remain empty so leave the emptying valve open at all times.

  • The toilet cassette is in an area that is heated. Keep emptying it regularly. Empty before leaving the campervan without heating.

  • Yes and No. It may not be possible. We will check on your behalf and let you know if charges apply. Avoid Sundays for both collection and return in Finland.

    Yes, but there will be a relocation fee in most cases. These are often subject to the discretion of the depot manager.

    Well, anywhere really. As long as you are out of site of where people are living then you can park up and take advantage of the spectacular places to spend the days and nights.

    Everything is on board so as long as you have food and water and fuel...then stay as long as you like.

    All campervans, motorhomes in Finland are self-contained so you can leave no trace of you ever having been there.

    There are no toll roads in Finland.

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    Cheap Campervan and Motorhome Rental Rates in Finland.

    Yes, probably. We have been booking camepervan and motorhome rental with McRent and Touring cars for many years and so we have negotiated great discounts which we pass on to you.

    If you find a cheaper price let us know and we will try to beat it!

    There are two main advantages booking with Budgetcampervans.com.

    The first is Price. We are the cheapest.

    The second is that if we find out that the campervan or motorhome that you booked is not available then we send you a list of other campervans that are available with the same company or we send you a choice of other campervans that are available with other companies.

    We do this right away saving you a lot of time.

    Yes, but there will be a relocation fee in most cases. These are often subject to the discretion of the depot manager especially in Canada and the USA. The costs will be itemised when you request a quote. Please contact us for your options.

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    How Do I get The Cheapest Rental Rates for Campervan and motorhome hire in Finland?

    The first way to save money on campervan rental in Finland is to book early.

    Both McRent, Pure and Touring Cars offer big discounts to customers who book their campervan well in advance especially during the summer months of July and August.

    Avoid one-way rentals.These add considerable costs to your rental.

    Stay in the wild and free camp almost everywhere as it is perfectly legal in Finland.. Save on campsite costs.

    Camp over night in the "Stellplatz" sites. Thesee are similar to Aires in France and Germany and are free of can be used for a minimal cost.

    The summer months have 24 hour sunlight and free camping everywhere excercising "Everyman's Rights".

    During the winter there is 24 hour darkness but chase the Northern Lights in your campervan. Take extra notice of how to keep the water system from freezing up and the engine warm enough to start.

    Generally the best months without sub-zero temperatures are between March and October.

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