Campervan Rental Depots in Helsinki, Kuopio, Roveniami and Turku.

2 Berth Shower / WC

2 Berth Shower / WC

4 Berth Shower / WC

4 Berth Shower / WC

6 Berth Shower / WC

6 Berth Shower / WC

6 Berth Shower / WC

6 Berth Shower / WC
w Bunk Beds

Finland Campervan and Motorhome Hire

Start your campervan road trip from any of these well situated depots:

  • Helsinki - in the south of Finland.
  • Kuopio - central Finland
  • Roveniami - northern Finland
  • Turku - southwest Finland

There is a wide range of campervans and motorhomes to choose from. The smallest 2-berth with shower and wc is popular with couples or two friends wanting to get away from it all. The larger 4 and 6 berths are good value travel and accommodation for families and groups of friends.

Road trips around Finland are best from May to August/September before the colder weather sets in.

When booking you should consider the following:

  • Transfers - these are available from the city or the airport for an extra fee.
  • Bed linen - take your own or buy locally to save.
  • Bicycle Hire with racks - a great option at good rates.
  • Extra Driver Fees are included in the "Essentials Package"
  • BBQ set - a useful option when free camping.
  • Toilet chemicals.
  • Cleaning Fee
  • Ready to Go Package includes bed linen, chemicals, cleaning,bbq, etc
  • Parking - leave your car when going on a road trip.
  • Extra Driver
  • Coffee Machine. Camper needs to be plugged into a mains source.
  • Fishing Rod.
  • Inverter 12V to 230V.
  • Windscreen and Tyre coverage - this is in addition to the standard insurance cover that doesn't cover the windscreen and tyres.
  • Daily rates cover the hire. There is also a base charge rate that covers basic set up and essentials.
  • Please note that all costs are displayed when the Final Step page is reached. If there are any charges that are not fully explained, please contact us.

    Security deposits are required on all hires. This is made by credit card. All drivers need to hold a valid credit card.

Finland has three main rental suppliers:

  • McRent - A long established European Company.
  • Touring Cars - good quality vehicles
  • Pure Motorhomes - budget option.

Finland has a very accommodating policy on free camping and the right to travel. Camper renters can take advantage of this by spending the night in remote areas.

The campervans and motorhomes charge up the leisure batteries while driving. This means that the campervans and motorhomes are self-sufficient without need of a hook up for several days. This makes it possible to explore and have adventures in the remotest parts of the country.

There are great hikes and walks and cycle tracks but there is also the option of hiking and cycling. The chance to change your mind on what to do and where to go on a daily basis makes for the perfect adventure holiday.

Finland has an archipelago of islands linked by free ferries. In the far north other accommodation is hard to find. Campervans are a perfect alternative to tents.

Rent bicycles when you book to give extra freedom to cycle the many cycle paths around Finland.

There are many other options to choose from when booking a campervan or motorhome. Each has a short explanation of what they are but if you need extra help or advice then contact us. We are here to help you choose the right combination for the perfect campervan road trip of Finland.

Best time to travel around Finland is during Spring - April/May and Summer June to the beginning of September. Campsites are everywhere. Freedom camping is ok - leave no trace.

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