Canada RV Rental, Motorhome, Campervan and Camping Car Hire.

2 Berth Truck Camper Shower / WC

2 Berth Truck Camper
Shower / WC

2 Berth Van Conversion Shower / WC

2 Berth Van Conversion
Shower / WC

Class C Small (19ft) 4 Berth shower / WC

Class C Small (19ft)
4 Berth shower / WC

Class C Medium (22ft) 4 Berth Shower / WC

Class C Medium (22ft)
4 Berth Shower / WC

Class C (24 - 25ft)Shower / WC

Class C (24 - 25ft)
Shower / WC

Class C (26 - 27ft) Shower / WC

Class C (26 - 27ft)
Shower / WC

Class C Slideout (23 - 25ft) 5 Berth Shower / WC

Class C Slideout (23 - 25ft)
Sleeps 5 Shower / WC

6 Berth Maxi Shower / WC

6 Berth Maxi RV
Shower / WC

5th Wheel Truck Sleeps 6

5th Wheel Truck Hauler
Sleeps 6

Class A Slideout 4 Berth Shower / WC

Class A Slideout
4 Berth Shower / WC

C25 5 Berth Shower / WC

C25 5 Berth
Shower / WC

C30 6 Berth <br>
Shower / WC

C30 6 Berth
Shower / WC

Canada RV Rental - Campervan and Motorhome Hire

What a great idea to combine visiting friends and family in Canada with taking your family on an RV road trip.

We have the best Canada budget RV Rentals and Campervan, Camping cars, Motorhomes and truck campers to hire.

We have cheap campervan hire in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Halifax, Montreal too.

Choose and compare vehicles from a wide range of RV's, Campervans and Motorhomes to Rent in Canada. We have cheap to luxury campervans, motorhomes, rv's, truck campers and sleeper cars. We help you make that choice by showing a photograph of each vehicle inside and out.

Where are the Campervan, Motorhome and RV Rental Depots in Canada?

There are depots in most main cities in Canada including:

  • Calgary
  • Vancouver
  • Winnipeg
  • Ontario
  • Toronto
  • Victoria
  • Halifax
  • Edmonton
  • Abbotsford
  • Hamilton
  • Langley
  • Montreal
  • Port Coquitlam (on the outskirts of Vancouver)
  • Whitehorse

Cruise Canada by Canadian Lake

How Much Does it Cost to Rent an RV in Canada?

Making the right choice is made easier by answering these questions:

  • How many people will be travelling in your RV?

  • What is your budget?

  • Who wants to sleep where? In what size of bed?

  • There are RV's with bunk beds, fixed beds, beds over the cab and beds that have to be made each night.

  • Make sure you know how many miles you want to travel. This is an estimated figure only. Book less miles than you need.

    Longer trips need unlimited mileage pre-booked. Savings can be made if you select limited mileage. Use google maps to work out the distance that you may travel.

  • Can you take your own linen, vehicle kits?

    You can save if you don't add these on. Consider purchasing linen rather than renting it to save.

Cruise Canada on the Road

What are the Cheapest Campers to Rent in Canada?

The smallest vehicles are often the cheapest as they use less fuel than the larger rv's or motorhomes.

The smallest, most fuel efficient are the Truck-campers. These are utility vehicles with a covered sleeping area and kitchen built into the back of the camper. Very spacious and very cheap to run.

Van conversions with a shower and wc on board are also very efficient on fuel.

Self-drive motorhome holidays in Canada have been popular with both families and groups of friends for a long time and as such there are many good quality rental companies with a range of campervans and motorhomes for you to choose from to make your road trip exceptional.

Why is it Cheaper to Book Early?

Many campervan, motorhome and rv rental companies in Canada operate using flex rates.

Flex Rates are set depending on the level of demand by customers. If you are booking a long time in advance then the rate will be low as there will be a high number of campervans available for dates well into the future.

As demand increases and more bookings are made then the availability of campervans for hire nearer to the date of collection are fewer so the rate goes up.

Many Canadian campervan and rv rental companies offer very cheap rates for bookings that are made well in advance.

There are two main advantages of booking early:

  1. The first is that you get a cheap daily rental rate.
  2. The second is that you can get new or near new rentals for the same rate as the budget or older vehicles if you book early enough.

Looking for Cheap Camper Van Hire in Canada?

Cheap doesn't mean low quality. We list all the most popular and longest established campervan hire and rv rental specialists in Canada.

This means that we can offer everything from cheap mini-campers to luxury campervans, motorhomes and RV's and cover the whole of Canada too.

Fraserway RV by lighthouse

Why are some campervans cheaper than others?

If you are not taking advantage of booking early and getting really cheap flex rates then there are other ways of finding a good deal on rental rates.

Generally, smaller, older campers are cheaper than newer, larger motorhomes.

It is also cheaper to rent outside of peak season in Canada. Peak season includes the early Autumn or "Fall" in Canada when the trees make a spectacular display of colour during these months.

What is "run of fleet"?

Some companies such as Canadream offer a "run-of-fleet" option. These rentals are usually cheaper than other comparable rv's for the same dates.

There is one catch though and that is you won't know what size of RV, motorhome or camper you are renting until you arrive at the depot. It will definitely accommodate the number of people travelling in your party.

Why are the daily rental rates for campervan and motorhome rental in Canada cheaper than on other websites? has been booking campervan, motorhomes, rv's since 1998 and we have built up a good relationship with all of our rental suppliers. We get a bulk-buy discount applied to our rates as we work with Motorhome Republic and we pass on our discounts to all our loyal customers.

Find the deals and discounts.

In addition to great rental rates we also offer discounts and special offers that are updated every day. You will find these listed Here

AND they are also included and applied when you go through the booking process or when requesting a quote.

Owasco RV By the beach

How do I Get a Quote on How Much it Costs To Rent a Camper Van in Canada?

When you use the booking engine and select the pick up and return cities and enter the dates that you wish to travel and hit the Search button you will see a list of campervans and motorhomes to rent.

Select the campervan that you like the best and you will see a button with a small envelope next to it saying "Email". Click on this button and we will send you the quote to your inbox.(Please check your Spam folder)

As a follow up to this service we'll check availability and email you details of what we find.

You won't receive many emails from us as we know you don't want to be bombarded. You may be just finding out about costs.

Cruise Canada RV in the woods

How Do I Book after I have received a quote?

If you have received a quote from us and we have checked availability for the dates that you have given us then you can click on a link in the email and it will take you through the booking process.

How Do I know if the RV that I like is available for the dates that I want to rent it for?

Our rental suppliers will send us an answer to your availability request usually within 24 hours. The time difference across the world can mean that there is a delay. Live availability of vehicles is not yet an option from all suppliers yet.

Why is there not a live availability booking option?

Sometimes you will see a "freesale" option offered on our website. If this is the case the camper will be available for immediate booking as there are plenty of campers available for the dates that you want to book, especially if the booking request is for a long time in the future.

What we Do to Save you Time:

Once we have received a quote request or a booking request there are two options.

  • If it is a quote request from you, we will check availability of your chosen vehicle and send you an email. If it is available you know you can make a booking and you will see all the rates before you enter your payment details if you want to go ahead with the booking. There is no obligation for you to book.

  • If you make a booking request then you will have entered your payment details. If the campervan or motorhome that you have booked is available then we will process the payment and secure and confirm your booking and process the payment.

  • If you make a booking and the camper van is not available then we will contact allof our rental suppliers and send you a list of alternative vehicles for the same dates of travel that you have requested.
  • You can accept these and book the campervan rental. We will process the payment.

  • If you don't like any of the options we have found then you are not obliged to take any of them and we will not process any payment and no booking will be made.

  • If you can offer alternative dates of travel or, if we find a vehicle that is available for similar dates that you have asked for then we will also send you this option to consider.

  • We try our best to find you alternatives so that you ar not disappointed. However, at peak season, there is often limited options.

Canadream Van Conversion by Glacier

What is the difference between motorhomes, camper vans and RV's?

The Motorhomes and RV's in Canada are larger and wider than motorhomes in Europe or Australasia. The campervans are not the traditional vw camper but usually small van conversions or truck-campers. Both larger vehicles and smaller are all easily accommodated in campsites and on the wide open roads in Canada.

Nearly all the motorhomes have automatic transmission and so they are very easy to drive.

There are toy haulers or fifth wheel rentals. The larger A Class Rv's are also known as diesel pushers as they run on diesel fuel rather than petrol (gas)

Canadian locals will know Cruise Canada and Canadream. but may not know some of the smaller companies such as Fraserway, Traveland, Ambassador and Meridian RV rental companies. There are other companies too such as Compass and Real Value and Star Drive.

The Top Rental Companies that we recommend in Canada are:

  • Cruise Canada
  • Canadream
  • Westcoast Mountain Campers
  • Fraserway RV Rentals
  • Star Drive Canada
  • Outdoor Travel
  • Owasco RV Centre
  • Meridian RV
  • Traveland RV Rentals
  • Ambassador RV
  • Camper1 Alaska

You can check out the quality from the reviews that we publish next to each motorhome's listing.

The term "run of fleet" means that you can book and pay for a campervan but you won't know which vehicle you will rent until you arrive!

It will be big enough for the whole party but it may be more compact than you were expecting or it may be very, very spacious! The rates on "run of fleet" are very competitive.

Each campervan rental company has a different range of vehicles and you can see which layout suits you best. You may prefer the smaller van conversions or truck campers to the larger C-class or the bus types A-class RV's.

To save time, consider arranging a one-way hire. Most depots allow for collection in one city and returning to another.

There is usually no restriction in driving your RV into the USA. The vehicle must be returned to Canada on completing the rental. There is usually no extra charge for visiting the USA.

Whatever you choose you will love the adventure of a road trip in Canada. Don't forget that a one-way hire is not uncommon.

Plan your route, sort out your mileage and decide which level of insurance and what extras you want to treat yourself to and then leave the rest to us.

We are here 24 hours a day to help you make the right choice.

All of our rental suppliers in Canada offer a complete break-down and back up service. It is a rare event that these RV's break down. However, they are just like family cars, you never know when one is going to play up no matter how frequently serviced or how new it is. Be assured that everyone will do their best to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

If you are taking the family to see the glorious colours of the"Fall" then book really early. This also applies for the Calgary Stampede. One of the top events in Canada and very popular with RV'ers!

There are depots right across Canada. Looking for a cheap campervan hire in Vancouver or a cheap RV rental in Toronto? The most popular depots are in Vancouver and Calgary.

Canadream Truck Camper by Canadian Lake


During the winter most vehicles are winterised. This means that all the water is drained for the tanks so that it doesn't freeze and split the pipes.

If you are renting during the winter months expect that you will not be able to use any of the on-board shower or wc or washing up sink as there will be no running water on board.

If you are arriving into Canada on a long-haul flight then you have to overnight in a hotel before you will be able to collect your rv. This is a safety precaution.

Some companies offer a shuttle service from airport and downtown hotels. We will explain everything that you need to do to get to the depot. Full address details and a location map are provided on our site.

Unsure of how and when to collect your campervan? Ask us and we will explain the best way of getting to the depot from wherever you are.

Booking or requesting a quote through our booking engine is both safe and secure.

We work closely with motorhome republic. See their amazing reviews. Here

Also check out our special offers and discounts here


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