Hire a Cheap Campervan or Motorhome in the UK.
These are our Top Choices for Low Cost Rentals:

2 Berth VW camping Car

2 Berth VW Sleeper Car

Sleeps 2 Pop Top camper

2 Berth Pop Top

2 Berth camper Shower / WC Campervan

2 Berth Shower / WC

5 Berth camping Car

Sleeps 5 Camping Car

sleeps 4 Low Top Campervan

Sleeps 4 Low Top Camper

2 Adults & 1 Child Campervan with shower and wc

2 Adults & 1 Child Campervan
Shower / WC

4 Berth motorhome with Fixed Double Bed with shower and WC campervan

Sleeps 4 Fixed Double
Shower / WC

4 Berth A Class Motorhome with Shower / WC

4 Berth A Class
Shower / WC

6 Berth Motorhome Shower / WC

6 Berth Motorhome
Shower / WC

UK Campervan and Motorhome Hire

How Much Does it Cost To Rent a Campervan in the UK?

The cost of renting a campervan is broken down as follows:

  • Cost per day to rent the campervan. Each day is counted as one.
  • Local taxes (VAT)
  • Insurance to cover any damage to the campervan, this is also a daily charge but can be capped over 50 days rental.

  • Optional Extras:

  • Insurance if travelling to Europe or Southern Ireland.(Eire)
  • Bedding - not always an extra charge. You can take your own. A one-off fee.
  • Child safety seats if required. A one-off fee.

  • Extra Driver Fee. This is charged at a daily rate.
  • Transfer fees to and from the airport to the depot.
  • Bikes - daily charged capped.

  • Bike rack - usually a one-off charge.
  • GPS

  • Unlimited mileage is usually included in the daily rate.
  • Kitchen Kit - usually included but there could be a charge.
  • Vehicle Kit - usually included in the daily rate but there could be a charge. If there is then it will be listed when you go through our booking engine.

How much is it to hire a campervan for a week, or a month?

Discounts to the rental rates are applied to long term rentals usually 21 to 30 days or more.

Budgetcampervans automatically adds any discounts or special offers to your quote when you are finding out how much it costs to rent a campervan or motorhome in the UK.

Where To Start to Make Sure You Hire the Right Campervan at the Right Price?

When you are looking for cheap campervan or motorhome hire in the UK you need to choose the right size of camper that suits you before you start looking at prices.

First Choose the Size of Campervan or Motorhome.

Remember that smaller and older campers are cheaper to rent and more economical to run.

Number of Beds:

Make sure there is enough beds and seat-belts for everyone and you can't go wrong. It's also a good idea to check out the bed layout too.

Some campers have just one large double bed. The larger motorhomes have a mixture of single beds, double and bunk beds. Check out the pictures above and you will see the day and night-time layouts of every camper.

We have listed above the range and types of campervans and motorhomes by the number of people that can sleep in the camper. Now you know if it is a small sleeper car, a VW pop top or a larger motorhome.

All are competitively priced.

Now get going on getting the best price for your rental. You will find the rates on Budgetcampervans are very competitive.

2 Berth VW Sleeper Car

Age Matters when renting a campervan in the UK.

The newest vehicles are a better quality. Rental motorhomes and campervans do high mileage so the newer ones are in better condition but more expensive.

If you are looking for a bargain and don't mind a camper that is a little tired around the edges but a great rate, then you will find it on our site.

How to Compare Prices for Campervan Hire and Motorhome Rental to find the Cheapest Rates:

The campervans and motorhomes to hire are listed with the lowest priced first so you can see the lowest costs first and compare rates all on one page.

Choose your campervan and follow the steps until you are asked to enter your payment details. At this point you will have a summary of all the costs.

The daily rate maybe cheaper on one campervan but the insurance and extra costs may make it more expensive overall. Check out the prices of more than one camper and see the difference. We add all the deals and offer cut-priced offers all the time.

You will get a reduced daily rate the earlier you book

UK Special Offers and Discounts on Campervan and Motorhome Hire.

Reviews to Find the Best Campervan, Motorhomes and RVs to Rent in the UK.

Every camper, camping car, sleeper car, pop top, hi top and motorhomes all have a
star rating that has been made from our customer reviews.

This applies to 2 berth, 4 berth and 6 berth campers and motorhomes. You will be asked to rate your experience after you return the vehicle to the depot. Let us know how we can improve your experience. We absolutely want you to book with us again and again.

We have a full range to offer our customers from VW California campers to large Motorhomes on a Fiat or Mercedes base.

You won't find all the campervan and motorhome rental companies on our booking engine and there are good reasons for this.

Here are some of them:

  1. They are too small. So in the event a replacement vehicle is needed...there isn't one. The companies on our booking engine are well established with good back up services.

  2. Past customers don't recommend them. If a campervan or motorhome rental company consistenly gets poor feedback then we will not include them on our website.

  3. London to London.

  4. Many of our customers start with a London to London rental. There is a large choice of campers and several airports to fly in and out of. Collect from Gatwick, Heathrow, Stanstead and Luton airports.

You will find all the big names on our site. McRent - a German campervan rental company with depots in London and Edinburgh.

Just Go - a long established campervan rental company who are now working with THL - a giant in the campervan and motorhome hire industry.

Bunk Campers so popular and very competitive throughout the UK and Europe

Spaceships an Australian company who offer great value for money both in the UK, Europe and Australian and New Zealand. They offer one-way trips between the UK and Europe including Ireland.

How old do you have to be to rent a campervan in the UK?

Both Spaceships and Bunk Campers allow vehicles to be rented to people under 25 years old too. They have rock bottom rates too.

These well known campervan and motorhome rental brands are supported by smaller companies who also offer really good deals on campervan hire:

  • Rockin Vans,
  • Getaway,
  • Touring Cars,
  • Easi Campers,
  • Rent Easy

Come Back to Us.

We thrive on repeat business for the cheapest campervans to rent so for rental companies to be listed on our site they have had to go through our selection process and that is why not every company is here.

Budgetcampervans.com offers the best value in campervan and motorhome hire whether you rent from London, Manchester, Yorkshire, Edinburgh or just about everywhere in the UK.

It is hard to choose between companies and vehicles. So, we are here to help. We are on the end of a phone or will respond to emails 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Need help or have a question? Contact Us

Finding the best value and knowing all the costs of campervan and motorhome hire before you book is so important to us that we list everything with all the costs and prices.

Our website has all the finer points too.

Check out the extras you can hire. Check out the insurance options.

Travel to Europe.

Take the motorhome to Europe on the ferry or the Euro-tunnel. The insurance cover that we offer will cover you for most of Europe. You will also be covered for breakdown in Europe too.

Rent from one depot and return to another.

One-way hires are popular around Great Britain. A London to Edinburgh trip saves on back-tracking. Fly into Scotland and out of London or vice-versa. Collect in Dublin and return to Edinburgh. Check out your options.

A note about one-way hires. These are always subject to the approval of the depot manager and sometimes take a little longer to confirm. Book early to ensure that you get your one-way rental.

Relocation deals are not often available in the UK as the depots are not that far apart.

Save money and take your own bedding. Some companies that we work with offer free parking at the depot while you rent.

Where are the campervan and motorhome rental depots?

London Campervan Hire Depots:

  • London - For Central London select Greater London.
  • London - Central London.
  • London - Luton in north London.
  • London - Heathrow Airport.
  • London - Gatwick Airport.
  • London - Luton Airport.
  • London - Stanstead Airport.

Popular Depots in the UK

England Campervan Hire Depots:

  • Birmingham both airport and train station.
  • Blackburn in Lancashire
  • Brighton Train Station.
  • Bristol central and aiport.
  • Chichester in Sussex.
  • East Midlands airport.
  • Horsham in Sussex
  • Leeds Central and Aiport.
  • Liverpool Bootle and Airport.
  • Manchester Central and Airport.
  • Newcastle Airport.
  • Preston in Lancashire.
  • Rye in Kent.
  • Shrewsbury in Shropshire .
  • Southampton in Hampshire.
  • Wigan near Manchester .

Wales Campervan Hire Depots:

  • Cardiff airport.
  • Conwy

Scotland Campervan Hire Depots:

  • Aberdeen.
  • Dundee Airport.
  • Edinburgh Central.
  • Edinburgh Train Station.
  • Edinburgh Airport.
  • Glasgow Central
  • Glasgow Train Station.
  • Glasgow Airport.
  • Inverness Airport.
  • Inverness Train Station.
  • Kilmarnock.
  • Perth Bus Station.
  • Perth Train Station.


  • Belfast.
  • Belfast City Airport.
  • Belfast Europa Bus Station.

Southern Ireland.

  • Dublin
  • Dublin airport
  • Kerry Airport.
  • Limerick.
  • Shannon Airport.

We have extra pages with more info on England, Scotland and Ireland:


Ask us where the nearest depot to where you want to be. As an example the nearest depot to Cambridge is Luton or Luton Airport.

Getting to the hire supplier's depot:

When you go through the booking process you will find out many things that are involved with renting a camper.

You make your own selections according to your needs.

Stock up the car before you collect your camper with all the essentials like salt and pepper, cooking oil, butter, milk, cheese, eggs etc

Take your own bedding and save on renting it.

Although all the options are listed you can bring your own. Outdoor tables and chairs for example.

If you are arriving from overseas and you don't want to hire any of the extras listed, then buy them in a local store and leave them behind at the end of your rental. It is sometime cheaper to do this than pay to rent the tables and chairs or umbrella,

The extras include bikes and bike racks. Baby seats and booster seats. Handy if you are arriving from outside the UK.

We make it simple and straightforward by including as much as we can in the daily rate so that you don't have to make multiple choices and trying to find the best deal by comparing one vehicle with one set of extras and another with a different set.

Motorhome and Campervan Holidays in the UK.

Once rented then you can turn your thoughts to taking your family on holiday in the UK in a campervan or larger motor home is just a dream come true. Pile all the children in the back, start the music and you are on your way to one of the most memorable holidays ever.

Take turns into who chooses where to go that day. Check out the weather and change direction depending on what you want to do next.

Types of campervans and motorhomes. Advantages and Disadvantages:

If you are a family then sleeping arrangements will be one of the first decisions that has to be made. For the budget conscious then the classic VW California pop top easily sleeps 4. Two in the pop top and two below.

Fully equipped with a kitchen and small fridge catering for all needs is easy. Park up next to a beach, in the middle of the moors or next to a special attraction. Fully self contained travelling with a family couldn't be easier or more fun.

Upgrade to a larger motorhome and add in the convenience of an onboard shower and wc to allow total freedom. The batteries will last about 3 days after being fully charged.

The onboard fridge will keep things chilled and the vehicles are self contained so as long as you have filled the water tanks and the gas bottles are full then you can just disappear to your favourite spot anywhere in the UK.

For couples getting away for a romantic break is a must in a camper. Choose from the smaller 2-berths with a shower and wc and stock up for a few days and just go where the mood takes you.

Free camp in Scotland, tour Ireland, set up in Wales. Take the surf board, pack bikes, walking boots and take the camera. You will be creating memories from day 1.

Groups of friends club together to rent a small sleeper car and head off to the beach surfing or make sure that they have a dry place to sleep at a festival or major event.

Book well in advance for the Glastonbury or Isle of Wight festival. Formula One and Race meetings are popular too.

What Age Do You Have to Be to Rent a campervan or motorhome?

Generally between 21 and 75. There are rare exceptions. Ask us.

The cheaper sleeper cars or camping cars are perfect for a really budget holiday.

There are depots thoughout the UK. The biggest and the area that offers the widest range of vehicles is London. Here you will find the companies with the widest range of vehicles such as Just Go, McRent and Spaceships. There are smaller companies such as Bunk Campers, Getaway, Rocking Vans.

There are depots right across the UK from Inverness, Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh in the north and Manchester, Leeds, Bristol, Birmingham, Cambridge, Liverpool, Luton and many others.

If you don't see the perfect camper for your road trip, change the point of pick up and see a different range. Many depots offer to look after your car at their depot.

The UK is also equipped with a huge range of campsites and free places to overnight.

If you need any help planning which vehicle to choose or just want a bit more info on how things work, give us a call or send an email and we will happily help you out to make this holiday the best!

Also check out our special offers and discounts here


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