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Germany Campervan Hire

Pack the camper, take bikes, walking boots and of course a camera. Germany has it all from fabulous rivers, mountains, lakes and wild countryside. It also has castles and chateaux to dream over. The scenery is beautiful and it is one of the easiest and accessible places to tour in a campervan or motorhome.

The beer is great, so is the wine and the food is also fantastic. There is plenty to do for kids and adults alike. Choose between high activity or slow and romantic. Germany has the range. It also has the range of campervans and motorhomes to suit all travellers and budgets.

Germany is of course home to the VW camper. These are on offer to rent from most depots. They sleep 4 people with two in the pop top and two down below. These campers have a good kitchen to cook up a meal after a long day laying around reading or sleeping or to refuel after a good hike up a mountain.

There are van conversion campers that include all the facilities such as showers and wc with fixed beds or two single beds. These are plenty room enough for two people with all the activity gear and sports equipment and bikes and boots and well, everything.

Travelling with a family, choose a 4-berth camper or one with an onboard shower and wc. The kitchen is larger and the bed layout can be double bed and two singles or bunks. Similarly the 6-berths have a range of either double beds, single beds or bunk beds. Some of these larger motorhomes have extra storage and bike racks.

There is a great deal of free places to stay in Germany for campers and motorhomes. In France and other countries in Europe this are called Aires, in Germany the equivalent is the  stellplätze system. They are either free of have a small overnight charge. If you find a public place in a good spot you are also allowed to stay for three nights. Check it out with other campers or local people.

Plan a round trip that features the stuff that you like to do and try new things. If you are travelling with children there is an enormous choice that will fill their days. The great outdoors has so much to offer in Germany.

There is an extensive cycle network in Germany so pack the bikes or hire when you are there. Trip advisor recommends fat tyre trips. There is also a huge range of hiking, skiing, beaches, surf, kayaking, rafting. There is so much to keep you active even log rafting.

At the end of a long day outside, there is nothing better to returning to your home on wheels and cooking a great meal washed down with a classic German beer. Then plan the next day....or not.

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