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2 Berth Sleeper Car Awesome Campers

2 Berth Sleeper Car

2 Berth Low Top Hippie Campers

2 Berth Low Top

2 Berth Pop Top Kangaroo Campers

2 Berth Pop Top

2/3 Berth Pop Top Kangaroo Campers

2/3 Berth Pop Top

2/3 Berth Hi-Top Kangaroo Campers

2/3 Berth Hi-Top

3 Berth Hi-Top Mighty Campers

3 Berth Hi-Top

2 Berth 4WD Camper Britz

2 Berth 4WD Camper

4 Berth Hi-Top Mghty Campers

4 Berth Hi-Top

5 Berth Hi-Top Camperman

5 Berth Hi-Top

2 Berth Shower / WC

2 Berth Shower / WC

2 Berth Shower & WC Britz

2 Berth Shower & WC

4 Berth Motorhome Shower / WC Cheapa Campers

4 Berth Motorhome Shower / WC

4 Berth Motorhome Mid Range with Apollo

4 Berth Motorhome Mid Range

4 Berth Slider Motorhome with Apollo

4 Berth Slider Motorhome

6 Berth Motorhome Mid Range Britz

6 Berth Motorhome Mid Range

6 Berth Luxury Motorhome Maui

6 Berth Luxury Motorhome

Australia Budget Campervan and Motorhome Rental.

How Do You Choose the Right Camper for An Australia Road Trip?

Answer These Questions First:

  1. How many people will be travelling in the campervan?
  2. This is the first question you need to answer. You have to have a campervan or motorhome that has a seat belt and a bed for each passenger.

  3. Where Do You Want to Collect and Return the Campervan to and from?
  4. One-way Hires in a campervan are both popular and practical in Australia. A round trip is great but it does mean that you may have to backtrack and why not see more if you can pick up in one location and return your campervan to another.

  5. Are There One-way Fees when You Rent a Campervan from one location and return it to another?
  6. Yes and No. If the rental is over 21 days then the one way fee may be removed. All terms and conditions will be highlighted when you request a quote using our booking engine.

    You can see that we have listed all the different types of campers in pictures above to show you the choice of campers, motorhomes, RV's and sleeper cars , camping cars available to rent in Australia. This will help you choose the right sort of campervan or motorhome for your trip.

  7. What Bed Layouts are available in the campervan or motorhome?

  8. Each campervan or motorhome has a different bed layout depending on its size.

    Large motorhomes in Australia can have a choice of bed layouts.

    Some campervans have one double bed only. Others have two singles.

    Four berth campers can have a variety of bed layouts to include either single beds, bunk beds or double beds.

    In some of the larger motorhomes in Australia there is a separate bedroom with a large double bed that is permanently made up.

  9. The beds may have to be made up every night.

  10. For some, making up the bed every night works well. This generally means turning a living area with a table into a sleeping area by removing a table.

    It doesn't take long but if you don't want the hassle of doing this every night, then choose a larger campervan or motorhome where you can leave one bed made up permanently or choose a motorhome with a separate bedroom.

  11. Check the bed sizes and interior height of the campervan or motorhome.
  12. This is very important for tall people. All vehicles that we list have the bed sizes displayed in the vehicle specification list. Ask us to check if you are unsure.

    It is no fun if you don't have a good night's sleep because the bed is too small or if your head is constantly bumping the ceiling of the camper while inside.

6-berth campervan night time layout with beds

How to Book The Cheapest Campervan Rental:

The rental rates for Campervan and Motorhome Rental are based on the following:

  • The Age of the Camper - Older campervans and motorhomes are cheaper than newer ones.

  • Size - a 6 berth motorhome is more expensive than a 2 berth sleeper car.

  • Time of year - book in peak season at the last minute and the daily hire rate will be higher than if you book early.

  • Time of year - book in peak season 11 months in advance and you will get a really, really good discounted rate.

  • Add Ons and Extras - Save money by checking the list of extras. You don't have to rent table and chairs just buy them and leave them behind when you leave - or take them home.

  • Insurance - make sure you are comfortable with the level of insurance excess and check you know what it is before you confirm your booking.

  • If you take no additional insurance when you book and you don't have vehicle excess covered by any other method your credit card will need to have sufficient credit on your credit card to cover the excess.

  • Deals - Deals and Discounts are updated daily. Check them out here:

Camping Cars and Sleeper-Car Rental in Australia.

Rent with Friends in a camping car

If your budget is limited and you need a low cost camper and there is just two of you and you don't want on-board shower and wc, then the sleeper car is the camper for you. Cheap and cheerful.

The Sleeper Car is a standard SUV with a double bed in the back that converts to seating when driving - or not.

Open up the rear of the camper and you'll find a chilly bin (Esky) for keeping things cool, a single burner cooker and a small sink for washing up and a container for water.

It's automatic and has air-con. That's about it. What more do you want when you will probably be on the beach all day anyway.

2 Berth Low Top Hippie Campers

Planning a longer trip and need a few more extra facilities on board then choose a low-top camper that will sleep two. Hippie campers have a great range of cheap campers for hire.

Hi-top Camper Rental in Australia.

Hi-top Camper Hire with Mighty Campers

If you want to stand up and have a larger kitchen and better cooking facilities go for a pop-top or a hi-top from Mighty or Cheapa Campers.

The hi-top will sleep up to 5 people Three sleep inside and a 2-man tent is supplied. There are 5 seat-belts.

2-berth Van-Conversion Rental in Australia.

Hi-top Camper Hire with Mighty Campers

2-berth van conversion with shower and toilet has the advantage that if you are self-contained that you can in theory park up anywhere.

Be careful to check that where you spend the night is an authorised parking area.

In this great camper there is a shower and wc. The cooking facilities are great and there is a choice of two single beds or a double. Loads of room in this van conversion.

Van Conversions are common in all areas of Australia and are great value.

We list:

  • Apollo - mid range hi-tops, campers, motorhomes.
  • Cheapa Campa- cheap camper hire
  • Go Cheap - cheap campers and motorhomes
  • Britz - mid-range campers, motorhomes and hi-tops
  • Traveller's Autobarn - cheap campervans, motorhomes.
  • Camperman Budget low-top and hi-top campers.
  • Mighty - full range of budget campervans and motorhomes.
  • Jucy - great choice of campers, motorhomes and hi-tops.
  • Star RV - top of the range but good discounts if you book really early.
  • Kangaroo Campers - very competitive priced campers, truck campers and motorhomes.
  • Maui - top of the range motorhomes, van conversions. Mercedes, VW Campers.

Rent with Friends

Reviews.If you are unsure about which camper is the right one for you, then give us a call or check out the star rating. These star ratings are awarded by our customers so if you see 41/2 stars and the words "Great" then you know that our past customers have been very satisfied with their camper.

If you don't find all the companies listed on our site there could be several reasons for this:

  1. They do not meet our or our customers' standards.
  2. The fleet size is too small.
  3. They have not been established long enough.

A visit to Australia is a holiday of a lifetime! We want you to have the best time in the best vehicle that suits your budget. Plan a road trip across Australia in a small camper, a campervan or a motorhome.

Travelling with a family means you have to make two choices:

  • Firstly you will need seatbelts and a bed for each passenger.
  • Secondly you will need to arrange the sleeping arrangements so that everybody who wants to share a bed can and those that don't - won't.

There is a huge choice of camper vans and motorhomesto rent in Australia. Smaller campers are the small 2-berth sleeper cars to large 6 berth motorhomes.

All the big motorhome suppliers such as Cheapa Campers, Maui, Britz, Apollo, Traveller's Autobarn have large motorhomes with double beds and bunks.

These are the best value for families or groups of friends, who want separate beds and more space to chill out with more than just basic cooking facilities.

These large motorhomes are perfect for a budget road trip with a family or group of friends.. There isn't a shower or wc on board but if you are travelling across Australia there are plenty of public facilities and campsites and free bbq areas too so keep a the chilly bin stocked up and cook outdoors.

Watch out for Deals and Discounts. These are updated daily. Here

Rent with Friends

Campervan and motorhome rental is also cheaper if the vehicle has less facilities on board. A low-top camper/sleeper car, a pop-top camper or hitop are the cheapest range. These sleep between 2 and 5 people.

Two people travelling together can rent a 2-berth with wc and shower. These vehicles are good value and not too expensive to run. They also have the option of two single beds or a large double.

4-berth and 6-berth motorhomes have a good deal more space and also room for surfboards and bikes. Some companies offer bike hire as an additional rental option. They are handy if parked up on a campsite and a quick trip into town is made easier rather than take the campervan.

These larger vehicles offer great cooking facilities too. There are gas stoves. Very few campers or motorhomes have ovens (furnaces). They do have microwaves which will work when the motorhome is plugged into a "powered" site.

Rent with Friends

Powered Sites are supplied for those campervan and motorhomes that can be hooked up to electricity when parked in a campsite. This enables the microwave to work and an unlimited supply of electricity.

Handy when all the laptops, cameras, mobile phones and tablets need a full re-charge. These can be charged up using the cigarette lighter with the appropriate adaptor. Some campers take an Invertor or have one built in, but in all cases laptops vary in their charging needs. It is worth checking online what you need for a particular model.

Long established campervan rental companies such as Traveller's Autobarn and Spaceships and Camperman specialise in cheaper, budget rental vehicles.

Motorhome, Campervan and RV Depot Locations in Australia:

Depots are located throughout Australia. Most offer one-way hires between the two for an extra fee. However, some companies limit one way travel between depots only to the East Coast.

Other companies make a substantial surcharge for collecting or returning a camper to Broome in the Northern Territories. The drop-off fee applied to returns to Broome can also be expensive.

Rent with Friends

  • Sydney
  • Brisbane
  • Melbourne
  • Perth
  • Adelaide
  • Cairns

These are the most popular locations to start and finish a campervan road trip.

Other smaller Australian cities have depots.

These are:

Airlie Beach, Queensland - perfect for exploring the Whitsundays.

Alice Springs, Northern Territory - start exploring the Red Centre and Uluru.

Broome, Western Australia. Good place to start to drive to explore the Kimberleys. Watch out for camels.

Byron Bay, New South Wales - just surf and beach it.

Canberra, Capital Territory. The choice of vehicles is limited.

Darwin, Northern Territory. Remote and wild. Plan to avoid the rainy season. Explore Kakadu, Litchfield and Katherine Gorge. We recommend that 4x4 vehicles are rented if an off-road trip is planned.

Gold Coast - popular as hosted the Commonwealth Games in 2018. Great for a coastal road trip calling in at world standard beaches.

Newcastle in New South Wales. Limited supply of campers here.

Townsville - Queensland - host to Camperman who have a good supply of budget campers for 2 to 5 people.


Take the ferry from Melbourne or arrive at one of the following cities to collect and return a campervan or motorhome.

  • Hobart
  • Hobart Airport
  • Launceston
  • Launceston Airport
  • Devonport
  • Devonport Ferry Terminal
  • Devonport airport

The ferry from Melbourne arrives into Hobart. The ferry does take campers but it may be cheaper to travel as foot passengers and collect a camper on arrival.

Rent with Friends

Taking a family holiday in a campervan has rewards in itself. Children love the experience of travelling and sleeping in a camper. Whether it is a night next to the beach or a night in the outback under the stars and sitting next to a bbq, it is a memory that will stick forever.

Australia campervan hire and motorhome rental companies are really good at including the much needed "extras" but more savings can be made by collecting and returning the camper to the same depot. Some companies waive the one-way or relocation fee if the rental period is longer than 21 days.

Rental costs are not reduced by limiting the number of miles/kilometres travelled.

Apart from the daily rental cost the charges made for additional insurance cover can add substantially to the total cost of the hire. It is worth checking out alternatives to the full cover insurance with nil excess. Some banks or credit cards do cover the insurance excess on rental vehicles.

There are also independent insurance companies that will offer to cover the insurance excess too. If this cover is taken independently the insurance excess amount will be frozen or deducted from the main driver's credit card. This may limit the amount of spending power had on this card.

Full cover insurance is recommended as damage can occur through unexpected sources such as jumping kangaroos hopping into the road! We also recommmend that our customers don't drive at dusk, dawn or at night as the Australian wildlife is particularly active at these times.

Rent with Friends

Australia is the perfect country for a getaway. The freedom that campervan and motorhome hire is unmatched. Choose daily where to go and where to stay. Choose daily whether to stay put or go on to another exciting destination. Having an extra few beds on board when visiting friends or families is often very welcome.

Campervans and motorhomes are efficient travelling companions. Stop anywhere for a brew or a full blown meal.

Many campsites are in inaccessible areas that only motorhomes can stay. The options for spending a night inside a National Park or in a remote area is only an option for the adventurous.

Campervans and motorhomes offer the ultimate freedom holiday and Australia offers a diverse range of sites to see and experiences to enjoy.

A campervan is your home on wheels for a long expedition or a short break. Visiting families and friends in Australia is made easier when you arrive in your own accommodation.

Budget prices help you to go further.

Book early to get the best rates.

Older vehicles are cheaper.

Some customers book older vehicles so they can rent for longer.

Other customers who want more facilities hire a camper with an onboard shower and wc.

Travellers who want the cheapest vehicles rent a small sleeper car and throw in a couple of tents to share the costs amongst a group of friends.

These are good tips for finding the best deals.

Also check out our special offers and discounts here


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