Botswana 4 wheel drive Camper Hire with Britz and Caprivi. Depots in Maun, Gabarone and Kasane.

2 Berth 4WD Camper with Roof Tent
Britz 2 Berth 4x4 Camper
with Roof Tent
2 Berth 4WD Truck Camper
2 Berth 4x4 camper
Truck Camper
2 Berth 4WD Double Cab with Roof Tent
2 Berth 4x4 Double-cab Camper
Double Cab with Roof Tent
4 Berth 4WD Camper with 2 Roof Tents
4 Berth 4WD Camper
with 2 Roof Tents
4 Berth Double Cab with 2 Roof Tents
4 Berth Double Cab
with 2 Roof Tents
4 Berth 4WD Land Cruiser with 2 Roof Tents
4 Berth 4WD Land Cruiser
with 2 Roof Tents

Botswana 4x4 Campervan and Motorhome Rental

Gabarone 4 wheel drive Camper Rental

Kasane 4 wheel drive Camper Rental

Maun 4 wheel drive Camper Rental

Botswana's roads are usually unsealed or gravel. We recommend travelling around in a Toyota Hilux or Land Cruise 4x4 Campervan or Truck Camper.

These vehicles from Britz and Caprivi are builr for travelling through game parks and exploring game parks. We highly recommend staying in a designated camp site while on tour. These sites are often very well sited to view the wild animals and offer secure places to spend the night.

The vehicles are either a Toyota Hilux or a Toyota Land Cruiser. The interior layouts vary to accomodate either 2, 3 or 4 people. The sleeping areas are roof tents for either two or four people. The Truck camper's sleeping area is inside the vehicle.

Choose between a 2-berth or a 4-berth camper. There are two different styles of vehicle. One has either one roof tent or two roof tents. You need to be quite agile to climb up the exterior ladder.

There is also an option of two roof tents or a truck camper style for two people sleeping inside the vehicle. Both options are shown in the photographs above. More photographs are available when you make your selection.

All campers have basic cooking facilities on board.

On the road:

You need to to stock up on food and take plenty of water.

Although Botswana welcomes many visitors, you won't see many people on a self-drive holiday in a camper.

The main roads are often well-maintained dirt tracks so are not busy. Watch out for wandering animals and avoid travelling at night, dusk and dawn as there are many animals moving around.

Don't plan to travel great distances in one day as often you will be in permanent 4 wheel drive driving through sand. Ask at the depot for the best way to travel in sand.

One option is to slightly deflate the tyres....but check this out before you do, as they may already have been prepared. One-way hires are popular and cross-border documentation can be prepared before you leae the depot.

There are advantages at travelling at your own pace through the game parks as time spent finding animals is equal to that of watching them. Spotting wild animals gets easier the longer you try.

Definitely pre-book campsites during peak season as there are not that many. Some can be pre-booked through Botswana Department of Wildlife and National Parks. Others are privately owned.

There are also a few safety rules to observe and they are to stay in your vehicle when in the game parks. Don't leave the well-defined tracks and don't fee the animals.

Navigation is mostly by GPS but there are maps. Visitors use satellite phones as a back up when travelling to remote areas.

Take good binoculars and cameras to see and record the animals.

Botswana self-drive holidays offer exciting adventures. The roads are challenging and previous experience of driving a 4x4 is not essential but could be an advantage as roads can be difficult.

Best time to visit is between May and September - the dry season.

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